Natural Remedies to Hair Loss

Hair Loss can be a very unfortunate occurrence. When one starts losing hair, there is a lot of mental trauma associated with it. Hair fall, or Alopecia, as it is known, can occur in several instances varying through age and lifestyle.

Commonly, hair fall occurs after a certain age in all men and women. The post-menopausal period is the time when hair fall can be noticed. Severe hair loss at early ages and unusual patterns can be caused by several factors, most popular of which is stress.

Excessive stress and bad dietary habits causes hair loss at all stages, hormonal imbalance caused by these reasons is the key factor. Lack of certain nutrients in the body such as Folic Acid, Vitamin B6, Zinc and more can also trigger hair loss.

To treat hair loss, first of all, one must make sure that the causes are not external, such as bad dandruff, wrong hair products or use of chemicals. Once this is taken care of, one must start looking inside and take care of the hair loss internally and naturally. Medicines often cause hair loss to worsen after they have been stopped.

The natural remedies that can be suggested for treating hair loss are safe and can be tried at anytime, anywhere. To start with, one must take care of the diet; excessive junk food should be avoided. A proper diet that is rich in protein should be followed.

A protein diet is recommended because the hair strand is essentially made of a protein known as keratin. To furnish the body adequately, protein, meat, oily fish, nuts and greens must be consumed daily in recommended quantities.

The next step is to make sure that there is no excessive stress present in the waking hours and proper sleeping patterns are adhered to with regularity. Severe lack of sleep is also known to cause hair fall. Once these factors are regulated, therapies involving the use of henna, Aloe Vera, rosemary and sage can be used.

Regular deep hair massages with essential oils are also beneficial as they increase blood circulation in the scalp. Treatments involving the use of vitamin supplements and minerals are also known to be beneficial. Hair loss may be difficult to deal with, but there are a lot of remedies available to deal with it naturally.


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