Olive Oil Uses: Olive Oil Hair Treatment

Olive oil has great uses, such as controlling the cholesterol, ulcers and gastritis. The skin also gets softened with the use of olive oil. Olive oil also helps in making the hair healthy and strong.

Apart from various ways to take care of the hair, olive oil is considered to be a great option. Olive oil helps a great deal in making the hair healthy and adding vitality and strength to the hair.

Olive oils works as a very good conditioner for the hair. It helps in getting rid of the lice. The dryness and the roughness of the hair are also removed with the help of olive oil. Olive oil further helps in dealing with the problem of hair damage due to split ends. The problem of hair frizz is also kept under control with the use of olive oil. The hair becomes manageable and healthy with the regular use of olive oil. The scalp is kept clean with the help of olive oil.

Great level of nourishment and moisturizing is provided to the hair with the help of olive oil. Massage of the scalp with warm olive oil helps a great deal in adding stimulation to the scalp and promoting circulation. Olive oil contains a rich source of vitamin E which acts as a very good anti-oxidant and helps in nourishing the scalp.

The process of application of olive oil on the hair is very easy. The hair are brushed properly and parted into two sections with the help of a comb. The fingertips are used to apply the olive oil on the scalp. The fingertips are dipped into the bowl containing olive oil and massaged on the scalp in a gentle manner.

Both the sides of the hair parting are massaged one by one. Small partings are then made and oil is applied on all the sections so that the entire area of the head is covered properly. The head is then covered with the towel, so as to maintain the warmth in the scalp. The hair are then unwrapped after around half an hour and are washed with a shampoo. After the hair gets dry, one would definitely see a great improvement in the texture and the look of the hair.