Preventing Hair Loss in Children

Hair loss can be experienced by anyone, adult or a child. But hair loss in a child can have a negative effect and can impede his or her growth or development.

It will be traumatizing for school going children because other children in school would not understand why their peer is not having hair, and maybe they would make a joke out of it. This would make the child with the hair loss problem really depressed and the self esteem of the child will be completely eroded. The external loss can never be compared with the emotional loss of the child.

There are many reasons for hair loss. It is caused in children due to hormonal imbalances, alopecia areata, cancer treatments, etc. It can also be caused by bacterial infections or excessive heat. Alopecia areata happens when the immune system becomes weak and hair follicles are affected by it which results in hair loss.

These are some of the causes of hair loss. But, hair loss can be cured very easily. First step is to keep your children away from harsh and harmful chemicals like hair dye or colors. It will be easy to keep your eight – year – old away from them, but for your eighteen – year – old who is fashion conscious it can be little tough.

Avoid any kind of drugs and alcohol during pregnancy. It affects the hair growth of the child. A balanced diet for a mother during pregnancy is important as the chances of getting a bald head are higher when the child is in the womb. It is because a good diet only helps in making the hair strong and dense.The expectant mother should have a good amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, etc.

Always be careful about the way your child is styling his/her hair. It is important to comb your hair softly as the hair follicles can get damaged with too much pulling. This can result in hair fall. As a parent you should encourage your children to make hair – friendly hair styles.
Hair loss in children is mostly temporary. Don’t panic if your child looses small amounts of hair. They can easily be prevented by using some measures


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