Proper Cleaning of Hairbrushes and Combs

In order to have healthy hair, it is very important to take care of the hair in a proper manner. Taking care of the hair does not only imply to use appropriate shampoo and conditioner. It is also important that you make use of the proper combs and hair brushes that are well cleaned. Dirty hair brushes and combs would damage the hair and would transfer the dust and the dirt back into the hair. The hair is washed to make them clean and tidy.

There would be no use of washing the hair if the comb and hair brush used after the hair wash, are dirty. The hair would again become dirty. It is always recommended to have a separate comb and hair brush for yourself, so that no one else can use them.

In the salon, the combs and the hair brushes are washed in a solution that is especially made for cleaning them. This helps in getting rid of the dirt and inhibits the transfer of lice from the head of one customer to another customer. It is very important for the combs and the hair brushes that are used in salons to be properly cleaned as they are used on various people’s heads.

Cleaning the comb and the brush at home is easy and simple, as you alone are using these things. First of all get rid of any hair that are tangled in the combs or hair brushes. Thereafter, take a bucket of warm water and pour some shampoo or liquid soap into it. Now put the combs and the hair brushes into this soapy warm water, and let them stay in it for around ½ hour.

In order to get rid of any kind of obstinate dirt in the comb, make use of the nail brush and scrub it in a gentle manner onto the comb’s teeth. Now, take some clean water and clean the combs and hair brush with it.