Pros and Cons of Permed Eyelashes

Eyelash perming is a very good way to beautify your eyelashes. Perming can be done on eyelashes, even if they are thin and small. The way of peming the eyelashes is very easy. Clean the eyelashes properly and place small rollers above the eye lashes, along the eyelid. Press the eye lashes upon the rollers in a very careful manner. Apply relaxer gel on the eye lashes and let it stay for fifteen minutes. Thereafter, remove the gel and apply gel fixer to let the lashes fix in a curly position of the rollers.

Leave it for another fifteen minutes. The gel fixer is then removed and replaced by a lash conditioner. After five minutes remove the conditioner and the rollers carefully, and see instant results.

There is no doubt that permed eyelashes look great. However, there are some drawbacks of the same.

The pros and cons of permed eyelashes are discussed hereunder.


1) After the treatment of perming the eye lashes, they really look great and beautiful.
2) The eyes look wider and are noticed by all.
3) Works well even on small and stubborn eye lashes.
4) Perming of eye lashes can be done in a very easy and quick way.


1) The treatment can go wrong, if it is not done in a proper manner, with proper timing and frazzle the eye lashes.
2) While waiting for eye lashes to return back to normal, it may be the case that some have become straight and some are still curly. It gives a very odd look, when one applies mascara on such eye lashes.
3) In case of sensitive skin, the use of chemicals to perm the eye lashes may cause allergy to the skin.
4) There is also a risk of falling out of eye lashes. However, this is a rare case, if carried out by a professional in the field.