Receding Hairlines and Other Hair Growth Problems

People are very much concerned about their hair styles these days. They want to have the best hair style. If anything goes wrong with their hair style, they become very frustrated. The frustration increases when the individuals are not able to style their hair in the way they want due to their hair growth problems and the problem of receding hairlines.

Balding or receding hairlines, double crown, cowlicks and the unusual pattern of hair growth are the common problems associated with the hair growth. There may be various reasons for these problems. Let us here have a discussion on them.

Receding hair lines may occur due to change in the level of hormones, lack of proper diet, growing age, improper health and stress. There are many kinds of products available in the market in the form of creams and lotions which can help to control the pattern of receding hair lines to some extent. Further, it is also important to take proper and healthy diet so that the hair gets proper nutrition and the hair growth process is promoted.

Cowlick is a hair growth problem that is usually found in the hairline that is situated in the front. This type of hair growth problem is genetic. The hair may open or lift due to the growth of hair follicles in different directions. Go for a long layered cut, to pull the weight of the cowlicks in a downward direction with the help of the weight of the long layers. Use of hair styling products can also help to control the cowlicks some extent to for a certain period of time.

In case of double crown, there may be a great difficulty in styling the hair. The greatest problem occurs when hair are cut short in an excessive manner, thus sticking up. One can make use of the hair styling equipments and products to control double crowns for some time. One can also go to a hair stylist to get a proper hair cut, so that double crowns are not noticed.