Secret Of Hair Extensions Revealed

Celebrities have always promoted the various fashion trends. We just try to be as them and tend to copy each and every style of them, whether it be their style of walking, way of talking, their make up, the products they use and above all their hair style. These celebrities have very famous stylists at their ends and put in a lot of effort to give the celebrities a ravishing look. By copying the celebrities’ hair styles, we are just trying to be at par with the latest fashion trends.

However, do you think that the hairstyles of celebrities are always their natural hair? No. This is just our illusion. The hairstyles seem to be real and natural, but in reality that is not the case. Just imagine how can an actress have short hair in one movie and long in another. Even, in one single movie they have changes in their hair styles many times. So, how can the hair style be real? It is their hair stylists who give them a good hair style according to the situation and concept of the movie. The secret behind the beautiful hair styles of the celebrities is hair extensions.

Hair extensions are the strings of hair, which are arranged in such a way that they can be easily attached to the natural hair. They help in increasing the length and thickness of hair. The strings are attached individually to the natural hair in a very careful manner through heat fusing, pressing, gluing or weaving. The attachment of them requires the use of certain chemicals.

The advantages of extensions are as follows:

Increases the length of hair

Ability to get made any hair style

Ability to use hair of any color or texture

The disadvantages of extensions are as follows:

Use of chemicals may damage the natural hair

Removal of extensions can also damage the hair

Inability to take care of your natural hair