Short Hairstyles for Women

Picking a hairstyle can be a very tough decision. Your hairstyle forms an integral part of the impression you give to people about yourself. When you go about choosing your hairstyle, you need to first consider a few basic guidelines for choosing what may best suit you. A hairstyle needs to be chosen keeping in mind several factors that involve your lifestyle as well as your physical appearance.

First you must consider what kind of daily routine you have, for which you may need to have an easily manageable hairstyle. In a hectic life, the hairstyle that works best and is low maintenance is short hair. Short hairstyles are the least time consuming when it comes to leaving in a hurry, and still looking good. For when you may have time, you can give a few tweaks with a curling or straightening iron and you’re ready to go.

Depending on the kind of face structure you have, a short hairstyle can be modified to suit your bone structure. Whereas very short people and people with round faces should avoid short hair, short hair suits almost everybody else. Women with very long narrow faces and elongated necks should also avoid short hair or go for cuts that cover the neck.

A layered cut instead of a blunt cut gives more style and volume to the hairstyle. Women with curly hair can also opt for this hairstyle as it makes maintenance easy. Although a lot depends on the face structure, short hairstyles should never end all above the ears and should ideally cover a bit of the neck as that gives a more feminine appeal. Haircuts that fall directly into the eyes for those with very straight and thin hair should be avoided, opting instead for a much layered cut that goes down the neck.

A hairstyle forms a part of the first impression you form on people, so make sure, more than anything else that the hairstyle you choose not only suits you, but personally makes you very happy. For nothing beats an inner glow that comes with confidence within one’s self and appearance.


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