Simple Pleat Hairstyling

Choosing the best hair style is a great confusion for some of the people. People take a lot of time in thinking as to which kind of hair style they should go for. While it is easy to manage and style the straight hair, it is the most difficult to style the curly hair. One can attains a sophisticated curly hair style by tying the hair in a neat pleat. The effect of such a style can be softened by leaving the front full. One has to follow the following steps to make a simple pleat hair style.

-Take a section of the hair from the front and let it be free.

-Take a little serum in your hands, and apply it on that section of the hair to smoothen the look.

-The remaining part of the hair is taken into a hand and held in a style as if one is making a pony tail.

-Now, the hair is twisted from left to right in a tight manner.

-After the twist reaches the end of the hair, take the hair in an upwards direction so that a pleat is formed.

-The pleat is then smoothened with the help of the other hand, and the hair at the top is made neat and tidy by tucking the ends of the hair inside.

-Now the pleat is secured with the help of pins.

-The hair left at the top are now taken at the back, and are secured at the pleat’s top. The ends of the hair are allowed to fall loose.

It is very easy to have such a simple pleat hair styling. The style can be achieved in just five minutes and is very easy to make. Such a simple pleat hair style can be made with medium or long hair that are either straight or curly. The things required to make such a hair style are hair serum and hair pins. Nothing else is required apart from that.