The Best Beauty Pageant Hairstyles For Young Girls

There are many kinds of beauty pageants that take place these days. Many young girls participate in such beauty pageants. One of the most integral parts of a beauty pageant is the hair style. There is no doubt that dress makes a very powerful impact on the people in a beauty pageant. But, the hair styles are also not behind. The dress and the hair style together make a perfect look. It is very important that the dress and the hair style that young girls choose are perfect to reflect their true personality.

One of the best beauty pageant hair styles for young girls is to opt for a simple hair style. Just see the famous celebrity shows, and see the kind of hair styles that these celebrities wear.

Young girls can get a fair idea about the hair styles that they should wear from these fashion contests and shows. The hair styles depicted by the celebrities in various fashion shows and magazines can be of great help for the young girls to choose for their beauty pageant.

Simple hair styles are preferred, so as to give a girlish look. A fussy and messy hair style can give a look of the grown up, which may not be preferred by the young girls. Causal upsweeps, ponytails and simple braided hair style can act as the winning hair styles.

Also, it is very important to note that the color of the hair should not be too striking. Observe the celebrities in various kinds of fashion shows. They make sure that they look the perfect with a perfect and simple hair style.

Also, they make it a point that their hair color is not striking to the eyes. Hair updos that are very neatly pinned up at the crown is a great choice for the young girls. Curls can also be made in the hair. Cascading curls should be tied upwards in such a way that they properly frame up the face of the contestant.

Just take the above mentioned facts into consideration and participate in the beauty pageant with full confidence.


  • This is a great article on pageant hairstyles, but one thing I agree and disagree with is that you should keep kids hair simple. For evening wear and talent you can add in bigger hair or curls and actually give it some style. Simple is good if they are singing or doing ballet, but if they are trying to be flashy, let their hair match. I think the hair should match each personality they are trying to show to the judges.