Tips for maintaining long hair

We all wish to have long hair and those who are blessed with this are surely lucky. But those who do not have long tresses and those who have tried to maintain long hair but could not, shall not be disheartened. If you get a bit dedicated then you can actually have long hair with a texture that is going to drive your man crazy and friends jealous. To maintain long is not an easy task but at the same time it is not that tough too.

Here is how you can have long shiny tresses with which you can carry any hairstyle, any hair cut of your choice:

First of all, if you want your hair to be long then you have to see to it that they are healthy. So, eat good food and take proper diet so that they get nourishment from inside and become healthy. It has been seen that we use so many things to settle down our dry, frizzy hair but do not get the results that we want. The reason for this is inadequate consumption of water.

How can your hair not be dry if your body and scalp is dry? So drink lots and lots of water. To have good hair, the external applications and external efforts are never enough, if your hair are not healthy from inside, then no matter what all you try, you can never get that length and texture.

Now external efforts are equally important too. First amongst every thing, you must go for regular trimming sessions if you want to increase the length of your hair.

Trimming eradicates all the dead hair and split ends from your hair and also makes your hair form a specific shape. For fast results, it is better that you get them trimmed after every thirty days and also keep a straight cut for your hair to increase the overall length of your hair.

Do not set your hair by heat style equipments like hot irons, hot curling irons, hair dryers, crimpers etc and do not go for any chemical based treatment coloring, rebounding, crimping etc. All these things harm the hair in a big way and damage them from tips to the roots.

Avoid sun exposure as much as you can and you can take a multivitamin every day with your meals. Do this for two months and see the difference in your hair and its length.