Toner For Blond Hair

Toners are a very good way to enhance the tone of the hair. The unwanted tones can be neutralized with the help of the toners. Toners help a great deal in increasing the vibrancy and luster of the natural hair color. Toner is a kind of semi permanent hair color that is acid based. Toner can also help to balance or correct final result of permanent hair coloring.

Toners help in conditioning the hair also. In order to tone the blonde hair, it is required to use cool toners. Toners help a great deal in sealing the cuticle of the hair, thus making the hair shiny and smooth.

Let us here discuss about the toners for blonde hair.

Violet is one of the best hair toners for blonde hair color. Violet toner helps in attaining platinum hair color shade of blonde hair. Blonde hair’s vibrancy is maintained with the help of violet toner. Due to pollution, smoke, and hard water, blonde hair may turn yellow or brassy after some time.

In order to combat this problem, an individual may be advised to use toning shampoo. There are violet pigments in toning shampoos, which provide a great level of protection to the blonde hair and help in preventing them from getting brassy or yellow.

Blonde hair may sometimes give an orange tone. In order to deal with excessive tones of orange in hair, one may make use of toners that are based on blue color.

The tones of orange-red can be neutralized with the help of ash toner. Ash is a very cool toner and is either blue based or green based. Make sure never to apply ash toner on platinum or bleached hair; else there may graying of hair.

In order to deal with excessive ashy tones of the hair, gold toners are used. There are yellow pigments in the gold toner. People seldom make use of gold toners. Gold toners are most of the times used for correcting the hair color.