Trendy Hairstyles for 2009

2009 is in and the here we are going to throw light on the trendy hairstyles for the year. In this year 2009, both the long and the short hair are in fashion. The long extensions and the bob cut are the demand of today’s young generation.

Many well known personalities and celebrities have set the trend for long luscious hair locks. The look is enhanced with the addition of soft waves to such hair. People with long hair are at advantage and can achieve this hair style very easily. However, one with short hair need not worry, as there are various kinds of extensions available in the market, which can help one to achieve long wavy hair.

The wavy hair style can be created with the help of curlers. Small curlers are used in case one wishes to have tighter curls. For large curls, big curlers are used. It is recommended to use protective serum on the hair before using the curlers, so that the hair does not break and does not become brittle. The trendy style can be obtained by adding some bangs to the long wavy hair.

The short bob hair styles are also in fashion in the current year 2009. Bob hair cut can be in the form of short hair styles or medium hair styles. The medium length hair towards the sides towards the front of the face, and becoming shorter towards the back is the perfect short hair style.

Bob hair styles with great style in the form of sharp angles, razor cut etc give a great look. Short hair also looks trendy when they are curled, and given volume at the back and the sides. People with long faces really look good in such a style.

Bangs are also in fashion in the current year. Bangs in the form of blunts and when swept on the sides are the best options for creating a good look of the hair style.

The hair color that is in fashion in 2009 is the red, with shades of copper and flame red.