Trendy Hairstyles

The modern day trends are these days defined by the entertainment industry. All kinds of trends, whether clothes, beauty or hair styles, come from the entertainment industry only. The hairstyles carried by the actors in the Hollywood movies become popular as trendy hairstyles across the globe.

In India, Bollywood actors play a major role in determining the trends among the general public. The new hairstyles carried by these actors in various movies are the result of trying a new style. These, however, become popular and catch everybody’s eyes very quickly.

In India, Bollywood actresses like Kajol, Rani Mukherjee, and Preiti Zinta have very nicely sported trendy short hair styles among the masses. The short hair styles can be very nicely emphasized by having highlights in the hair. Highlighting really enhances the look of the short trendy hairstyle. The two common short trendy hairstyles seen in the movies are “the dimensional shag” and “the versatile cut”.

The dimensional shag hair cut can be accompanied with bangs and fringes to give a trendy look. However, a versatile hair cut suits those who have very thick hair. The cut effectively reduces the bulk or excess hair and is shorter underneath than on top. This hair style makes a person very comfortable during summers.

Not only women, but men are also quite conscious of their hair styles these days. Indian men are also not behind and tend to copy the hairstyles worn by their favorite celebrities. They also like to go for trendy hair cuts and hair highlighting, and are fond of trying new styles. Mostly men like to go for super short hair cuts, just close to the roots. A spiky look can be given by styling the hair with hair gel. Men are also not shy of experimenting with medium length hair or even long hair. The pony tail hair style of the men is gaining extreme popularity both in India and abroad.