Types of Different Hair

Having a good figure and good skin are not the only characteristics that make one look beautiful. You need to make sure that you have beautiful hair too.

Thus, in order to take good care of your hair, you need to first make sure what type of hair do you have.

Your hair can be either one of the following types:-

Dry Hair: Your hair would have a number of splits in the end and will look dull almost at all times. Your head might feel a bit itchy at times and at times there might be few dry chips of skin all over your hair line.

Normal Hair: Your hair would be very shiny and not at all difficult to manage. After shampooing your hair and settling it, your hair would end up looking good for about a week.

Oily Hair: Your hair would probably have dandruff most of the time and would have a number of knots. It will end up looking good for the first day after shampooing but it then ends up looking greasy and dirty.

Combination Hair: Your hair would be a mixture of both oily and dry hair. The ends of your hair would be dry but the hair near to your scalp might be a bit oily. Shampooing would make your hair look great but the ends would be a bit dull.

Therefore, all types of hair can be improved by just giving it special care. Using good shampoos and conditioners are one of the most important things to be kept in mind in order to improve your hair’s health. As good quality shampoos and conditioners would help to moisturize your hair and make it look healthy and natural. Thus, using the right hair products will boost up your beauty of your hair.