Using Hair Sticks

Hair sticks are usually sold in pairs. Most of the times, one hair stick is sufficient to cling to an up do but this might take a diminutive bit of practice.

One hair stick is generally required in order to hold an up do and the other one is used just for decoration. But some hair styles which are very soft and slippery might have need of two hair sticks as well as some bobby pins too.

The basic tips to wear these hair sticks in the hair are:

Firstly, make a bun and hold it against the head with one hand. While, take the help from the other hand and insert the pointy part of the hair stick in the bun. Make sure that the pointy end touches the scalp of the head.

Secondly, keep the pointy end at the same point and spin around the hair stick so it is pointing the right way. Then, use a sewing motion in order to work the hair stick towards the other side of the bun and work closely to the scalp.

At this point, the bun should be secure depending on the hair type. But if the bun is insecure, then use the other hair stick as well. The stick can be worn in different directions such as parallel, or crossing each other, or even at angles like chop sticks.

Few other tips which should keep in mind while using these hair sticks are:

– Keep in mind that if the bun is made too tight, then it would end up being hard for the hair stick to go through it.

– Make sure that the pointed edge of hair stick is put properly as it might stick you in the neck if not inserted properly.

– The hair sticks should be sharp pointed. These hair sticks can be sharpened using any normal pencil sharpener as well as sandpaper also.

– These hair sticks are usually worn diagonally across the bun.

These are the various tips which should be kept in mind while using these hair sticks. And keep in mind the basic principle of inserting these hair sticks works for most of the up dos, the exception are just the Chinese buns, in which the hair is woven around the sticks.