What is Common Baldness

Hair loss, baldness, hair thinning, and hair fall are the common problems with respect to hair that are faced by people these days. What is common baldness? Common baldness relates to the male pattern baldness. It can also be termed as androgenic alopecia, which occurs in men. This kind of baldness is very much visible. In such a kind of baldness, there is reduction in the hair at the temple initially. After that, there is thinning of the hair at the head’s top. As time passes, one would have a completely bald area at the head’s top, with some hair at the sides and at the back of the head.

There are many factors that determine common baldness. The age of the person, the hormones, and the genetics are the prime factors determining common baldness. Diet may be also one of the factors determining such a pattern of hair loss. In order to have healthy hair, it is very important for an individual to drink lot of water and take healthy food. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet to have good hair growth.

There are various ways to deal with the problem of common baldness. Different kinds of hair styles are tried by the men to hide the bald look of the head. Some people also take the daring step of shaving the entire hair from their head. There are some prescribed drugs like Finasteride (Propecia) and Minoxidil (Rogaine) which help to fight against the balding pattern in a great way.

In extreme severe cases, an individual may opt for hair loss restoration of hair transplantation surgery, which acts as a very good solution that helps to combat the problem of hair loss on permanent basis. There is no doubt that this procedure is quite expensive. Multiple sitting may be required with the surgeon to get the effective results.


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  • Choosing a hair-loss medicine that works for you is more a matter of finding which hair loss medicine works with your body chemistry than anything else.