What To Do When Your Home Hair Color Comes Out Too Dark

There is no doubt that hair coloring is considered to be the best way to dress the hair these days. There are many ways to color the hair. Also, there are a variety of colors available these days to color the hair such as red, brown, brownish black, and burgundy. It is very important that the color that is chosen should go well along with the natural hair color and the complexion. Any kind of wrong choice can prove to be disastrous, and may spoil the entire look of the hair. It may sometimes happen that the color becomes too dark.

At this point of time, people have no idea how to rectify it and how to improve the look of the hair. Let us here have an insight into what to do when the hair color done at home becomes too dark.

The first step that an individual should take is to pay a visit to the salon, if possible. The experts at the salon can very well rectify the problem, while taking care of the fact that the hair does not get damaged.

Washing the hair with a laundry detergent at least five times can also help to lighten the color of the hair.

Another remedy is to go and choose a light shade of hair color such as light brown and apply on the hair to offset the look of the darker hair.

Take the Maxi-Blonde color of Loreal, and apply on the hair. Make sure to apply at the roots first, thereby proceeding towards the rest of the hair. When the pumpkin kind of color appears on the hair, rinse it.

Thereafter, wash the hair with a hair volumizing shampoo at least twice. This would help in the expansion of the hair shaft, thus enabling it in accepting the new hair color.

Now, choose the final hair color with a light shade and apply on the hair. Go as per the instructions given on the kit.

All the above4 ways can help one to make the dark color go light. Though you may not be able to achieve the original color of the hair, still the color that you will attain after following the above steps would definitely look good. It is also recommended to go for a hot oil massage at least twice in a week, as a lot of chemical treatment has been done on the hair.